If there was any self awareness among those on the right they’d be rightly embarrassed by the state of their so-called leadership. That’s a big if. The lack of self awareness is fairly well documented. The entire wingnut base is either afraid to look in the mirror or damned proud of their insipid emptiness.

The first dose of this vapid wasteland of ideas came in the form of a Governor from Alaska who had a sly little wink and a folksy manner that endeared her to masses of American zombies who were lobotomized by years of listening to a soulless talker with a golden mic. They showed up in droves like lemmings to a cliff, willing to spew hatred and vitriol in the names of their masters.

The next chapter came in the form of a non-plumber from Ohio who questioned Barack Obama during the 2008 Presidential Campaign under false pretenses. He became a hero that the lemmings followed as well, eating up his wingnut guano like young nested birds. Mouths open wide and necks stretched to get their share of the shit he was feeding them.

Limbaugh. Palin. Wurzelbacher. They’re all a bunch of cheap whores riding their 15 minutes of fame like cheap mules. Beating those bastards into as much fame and money as the creature celebrity will bear.

Limbaugh has done it for years and has racked up far more than his 15 minutes.

Joe the Plumber went from random dude to book deal at a breathtaking clip, never mind his working class credentials that should have called him back to the fold as a hard working, greasy fingered, blue collared working class plumber. No, Joe would rather jet around book stores talking about hard work rather than doing it. He’d rather sell you a book about “being a regular guy” than actually being one. He’s a cheap whore riding a cheap mule.

So now Sarah Palin quits a job where she can actually have some kind of impact to do what? Run for President in 2012? The idea seems unlikely given Americans tend to prefer those who fulfill their elected commitments as a condition of their obtaining higher office. Quitting is uniquely un-American. Don’t think I wouldn’t love her making a run, but I think it much more likely we’ll see her as a regular on Fox and Friends.

The story becomes a bit more clear today and confirms suspicions of many – Palin quit to cash in. She missed her target of VP and wants to at least gain something out of if before the flame begins to fade. Levi Johnston, once a part of the Sarah Palin Wingnut Sideshow Circus, dishes:

Johnston says he lived with the Palin family from early December to the second week in January. He claims he heard the governor several times say how nice it would be to take advantage of the lucrative deals that were being offered, including a reality show and a book.

So for all the rhetoric and hand-wringing, for all the folksy cuteness and engineered sloganism, in the end Sarah Palin is yet another in a long line of cheap whores on cheap mules.

Yah! Giddety up mule! Wooo doggy!