It’s difficult for me to pick an absolute favorite part of today’s disaster of a speech by Sarah Palin.

Sure, I’m extremely happy that she took CNN away from the all-Michael-Jackson-all-the-time news cycle of the past week.

And yes, I found it amazingly hilarious that the state-owned Governor’s website published the full text of the her obviously unrehearsed ramblings complete with the stressed words in ALL CAPS.

Also pretty great: She thinks God put all of that oil and natural gas under the ground in Alaska: “It’s energy! God gave us energy.”

A close runner-up for the best part of the speech was when she explained why she was quitting with this:

it may be tempting and more comfortable to just keep your head down, plod along, and appease those who demand: “Sit down and shut up”, but that’s the worthless, easy path; that’s a quitter’s way out.

But I think the best part is when she uses her kids as an excuse for why she is quitting: “I think much of it had to do with the kids seeing their baby brother Trig mocked by some pretty mean-spirited adults recently.”

Supposedly her kids are mad about bloggers mocking her for using her kids (specifically Trig) as a political prop.

And because she and her kids are mad about bloggers mocking her for using her kids as a political prop, she decides to again use her kids as a political prop to protest the mockery.


By the way, here’s the mocking image she was talking about: