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Where’s the Anti-Outrage?

On June 27, 2009 By

Governor Ted Strickland has spent months trying to put together a budget that won’t require a tax increase for Ohioans. He’s cut millions and millions of dollars across the board including huge cuts from programs that Republicans hate: libraries, health care for the poor, etc.

And still all I hear is bitching and moaning from Republicans – but no alternative ideas.

And I’m left wondering: why the hell aren’t the righty blogs commending Governor Strickland for his dedication to not raising taxes?

Matt? Alo? ANYONE???

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I’m sitting here wondering why a “Christian owned and operated organization” that promises the “highest level of integrity” is selling crap like this:

According to their website, the Michigan Fund Raising company is supposed to be helping soccer teams sell candy bars to raise funds for new shin guards.

But instead they are pushing a political agenda that goes against everything local school districts and community sports teams stand for.

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