It takes a lot of work but Chris Mathews gets Ken Blackwell to admit that Republicans are not morally superior to Democrats.

No shit, Ken.

If anything, the opposite is true.

Republicans like to talk about defending marriage and being the party of “traditional values” but at the end of the day they cheat on their spouses almost three times as much as Democrats.

( ht C&L )

  • Correction. They get CAUGHT 3 times as much. Probably don’t want to advertise that either…

  • True. But if you want to talk about real ‘traditional values’ – like old testament style values – then men should be able to get with whomever they want as long as their mistress isn’t already married to someone else.

    Seriously – how “traditional” do you want to get?


    Let?s all own slaves and sacrifice goats to God when shit goes wrong.

    If Ken Blackwell really wanted his party to win elections, he’d be out there right now killing goats.

    Where’s your goat Ken? WHERE’S YOUR GOAT???

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