• I need to snap a picture of one near me. It says, “CHOOSE LIFE! YOU’RE MOM DID!”

    Note: it says “you’re”, although recently someone came in with white paint and tried to cover up the apostrophe and ‘e’.

  • J-Dog

    It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that conservatives and fundamentalist Christians will go to in order to cheapen their message. How stupid!

    All that’s missing is Willow Palin and Alex Rodriguez here.

  • Matt N.

    I am alittle tired of so many marketing campaigns using that annoying Keynesian word “stimulus.” But what is so ridiculous about this?

  • Please post that photo, Hanlon!

    This one is ridiculous for so many reasons, Matt.

    Just from a design perspective, it contains a very poorly photoshopped picture of baby heads in a cardboard box. Ridiculous.

    But the message is ridiculous too. Forcing women – especially poor, young, single women – to carry through unwanted pregnancies is not going to help the economy. Instead it would result in a huge increase in social services spending to pay for all of these babies and their mothers for years and years and years.

    This is why social conservatives are dragging down the Republican Party: the pro-life/anti-choice movement completely goes against other basic conservative principles like personal freedom and smaller government.

  • Matt N.

    You just got to the core of my objection to environmentalism and progressiveness. Ultimately, these philosophies are anti-life and see babies as expensive, pollution-creating inconveniences.

    To solve this problem Joe, just kill yourself.

  • Buckeye27

    God’s stimulus package? Their birth, maybe. But once those little bastards becomes ill and want adequate health coverage at the age of 5, well then it’s time they got their first lessons in market forces. That’s why I’m proud of true American patriots like George W. Bush, who as Governor will reject those federal funds, and as POTUS will refuse to add $6B in funding to the S-CHIP program. It’s a man of principles like that who will defend life (not health, however) that I can believe in.

  • No, Matt, babies are wonderful things. I have two of my own as a matter of fact. And while they certainly are messy and expensive I am more than capable of handling it because I planned my baby making and brought two loved and wanted children into the world when I was emotionally and financially ready to handle them.

  • Matt N.

    That isn’t the argument Joseph. I’m talking about the philosophy in general. You are using your children as a shield to protect your anti-human ideology from criticism.

  • That’s not a very Catholic attitude Buckeye27.

  • I think my argument was simple and straightforward: forcing women to have babies has a huge cost associated with it and will result in a HUGE jump in goverment spending on social programs.

    You’re the one so fond of talking about economics, Matt. How about addressing the argument at hand instead of rattling off your silly pro-life talking points about how I’m a baby killer and I hate life.

    Should we talk about Milton Friedman’s view of God and morality?

  • @5 This is really and truly the core of your objection, Matthew?

    I see it took you what, 4 whole days to revert to your old gutter level self with the Lee Fisher stuff. Nice work.

    PS – Good luck with the running.

  • Matt N.

    Yes, it is. I find those philosophies objectionable because they disregard the primary of the individual, while placing all emphasis on the collective and nature.

    Not gutter level! I enjoyed the documentary, even though Lee’s son was a total jerk. They even lied to us and used an Iraq War vet to get the footage at the gun shoot.

    Thanks, I guess!

  • Interesting. You write: “With the rise of socialism on full display in America, the merits of free-market capitalism, if argued intelligently, will win the argument everyday against these childish malcontents.”

    …and then post a video of a shirtless and hairy Lee Fisher. A video which you post that you thought was worth posting because “the media keeps talking about it”. Funny. The only media talking about it are the ones you emailed. Post Bush League video of candidate with worst possible screenshot. Email said video around to MSM friendlies. Write blog post acting as though you don’t really care about it but said media “keeps talking about it”. You’re not very good at plausible deniability even.

    You’re a low level punk, and not a very smart one either. Childish malcontents ahoy! Bitch.

  • Matt N.

    Well I still don’t get why so many people think it is an attack. Seriously- It is a documentary filmed by his son, which took more than a year to edit. And it is rather entertaining, considering the source. But feel free to be angry, you Zen Buddist paint sniffer.

  • naugle was just turned on by all that hairy manliness. i bet half the views on the youtube count are from naugle’s bed.

  • @14 LOL. So funny that you think this is angry. You’ve sen me angry. You know the difference.

    I could easily say my posting of your stuttering interview was because I thought it was “a great piece on the rise of the Internet in campaigns”, sure. But you and I both know the truth. As do I here. Stop continuing to demonstrate your ignorance and just own up to what it is you are doing.

    You’re the poster child of childish punk ass malcontent low level political bloggers in Ohio. I’m not going to let you run and hide from it. Pond scum I think I once referred to it.

  • Matt N.

    Anything you say, old man.

  • As I was going to mention before this whole conversation degraded into name calling – the pro-life movement does (as you recognized, Matt) have some similarities to some of the extreme lefty groups involved in the environmentalism or animal-rights movements.

    Except for one big difference: lefty groups don’t kill people for their beliefs.

  • “God?s stimulus package”?

    Zeus would be very angry.

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