In his latest rambling and whiney article Ken Blackwell complains about the librul media’s “disgraceful” attacks on “moderates like Bill O?Reilly.”


Suddenly Ken’s crazy world view becomes a little clearer.

When you see Bill O’Reilly as a moderate, everything to the left must seem completely extreme and totally scary.

Even the USA Today becomes part of the Liberal Media Conspiracy.

I guess Plunderbund must be deathly scary to Ken and friends.

Hey Ken…


  • Matt N.

    Bill is not conservative on….

    “global warming”
    gun control
    prisoner rehab vs. incarceration
    death penalty
    foreign aid
    and especially oil prices/speculation

  • ah yes – blackwell’s boy shows up to slurp. missed ya, matty.

  • You know that’s a load of crap, Matt. O’Reilly has a script he follows and part of it is crap like this that he uses to ‘prove’ that he’s an independent – that he doesn’t belong to any political party or subscribe to an political ideology.

    But the truth is, it’s all marketing so he can pretend to live in the ‘no spin zone’ and Fox News can pretend they are ‘fair and balanced’.

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