I saw an interview this morning on CNN with a guy named Dan Holman. Holman represents a group called Missionaries to the Preborn. Hollman’s group holds protests and rallies against abortion. Hollman and his group are most certainly “part of the movement“.

And how did Dan Holman – protector of human life – feel when he heard about the murder of Doctor Tiller outside of his Church in Kansas?

He was “cheered by it”.

According to Holman “the law is supposed to execute vengeance” on people like Dr. Tiller. And if the law isn’t going to do it, then someone else needs to. “All abortionists”, says Holman, “are deserving of death.”

It seems obvious that Mr. Holman has confused The Law with the angry God of the old testament.

Angry Gods execute vengence. The law provides justice. Two very different things.

And who else, in Holman’s eyes, is “deserving of death”?

“There are politicians and judges and others who support this murder that are also deserving of death.” Specifically: “George Bush, Barack Obama. Any politician that gives our tax money to Planned Parenthood and organizations that kill babies”

So much for “the movement” keeping their hands clean on this one.