I read this post by Jason Linkins at HuffPo earlier today and meant to post and comment on it. I was reminded of it by ModernEsquire, who links to a previous PB post and – as usual – does a thorough dismantling of his target. in this case, our beloved Bizzy Blogger Tom Blumer.

Modern does as good a job as Linkins in bringing up the DHS report angle. Worth a read:

When militia commanders start calling someone a “fanatic” about abortion, the debate is over, Bizzy!

Why can’t he just admit that he was wrong and the DHS was right? How many security measures were quashed because the politicization of this intelligence summary which, sadly, has been proven deadly accurate?

The takeaway? Now that the DHS report – which raised concerns about home grown terrorism in the form of right-wing extremists – has been proven to be absolutely spot on, will the right admit they were wrong to blow a gasket over it?


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