From the daily archives: Monday, June 1, 2009

I read this post by Jason Linkins at HuffPo earlier today and meant to post and comment on it. I was reminded of it by ModernEsquire, who links to a previous PB post and – as usual – does a thorough dismantling of his target. in this case, our beloved Bizzy Blogger Tom Blumer.

Modern does as good a job as Linkins in bringing up the DHS report angle. Worth a read:

When militia commanders start calling someone a “fanatic” about abortion, the debate is over, Bizzy!

Why can’t he just admit that he was wrong […]

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The National Right to Life Committee put out a press release today condemning the killing of Dr Tiller.

According to the NRLC’s statement, “The pro-life movement works to protect the right to life and increase respect for human life. The unlawful use of violence is directly contrary to that goal.”

The bold text highlights one of the big problems I have with this statement, and with their whole movement actually: the hypocrisy in their definition of ‘life’. Life isn’t all life, in this case. Only lives they deem worth saving.

I’ve always wondered how someone can someone claim […]

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A very good question:

Imagine an Islamist fanatic had assassinated a pro-Israel rabbi in a synagogue, and had harassed synagogues for years, including one arrest for bomb materials in his car. Imagine if one of his associates had tried to kill the rabbi before. Would there be any question that this was Islamist terror? So why is this not Christianist terror?

Maybe Tom Blumer at Bizzyblog would like to “relate the dots” in this case like he did with our current President. I think there are actually many fewer dots. Should make for much easier connecting! Go Tom. […]

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Not part of the movement? Riiiight!

In the rear window of the 1993 blue Ford Taurus that he was driving was a red rose, a symbol often used by abortion opponents. On the rear of his car was a Christian fish symbol with the word “Jesus” inside… Dinwiddie said she met Roeder while picketing outside the Kansas City Planned Parenthood clinic in 1996. Roeder walked into the clinic and asked to see the doctor, Robert Crist, she said. “Robert Crist came out and he stared at him for approximately 45 seconds,” she said. “Then he (Roeder) said, ‘I’ve seen […]

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This is not new:

_ May 31, 2009: Prominent late-term abortion provider George Tiller is shot and killed in a Wichita church where he was serving as an usher. The gunman fled but a city official said a suspect is in custody.

_ April 2007: Authorities say Paul Ross Evans placed a homemade bomb in the parking lot of the Austin Women’s Health Center in Texas. A bomb squad disposes of the device, which contained two pounds of nails. There are no injuries.

_ Oct. 23, 1998: Dr. Barnett Slepian is fatally shot in his home in a suburb […]

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So now the drumbeat from the right is going to be “Hey! This Scott Roeder character is not “Pro-Life”, he’s “A rightwing extremist!”. Hah. Good luck with that political alchemy! It seems unlikely that you can separate the two. The anti-abortion crowd has been pretty firmly affixed to the right-wing for some time now. You don’t use the issue as a political club in your bag of tricks and then just quietly exorcise yourself from it. Nice try, though!

It does beg the question though whether there is a “pro-life’ movement that is distinct from the “anti-abortion” movement. I’m […]

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