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Where’s the Anti-Outrage?

On June 27, 2009 By

Governor Ted Strickland has spent months trying to put together a budget that won’t require a tax increase for Ohioans. He’s cut millions and millions of dollars across the board including huge cuts from programs that Republicans hate: libraries, health care for the poor, etc.

And still all I hear is bitching and moaning from Republicans – but no alternative ideas.

And I’m left wondering: why the hell aren’t the righty blogs commending Governor Strickland for his dedication to not raising taxes?

Matt? Alo? ANYONE???

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I’m sitting here wondering why a “Christian owned and operated organization” that promises the “highest level of integrity” is selling crap like this:

According to their website, the Michigan Fund Raising company is supposed to be helping soccer teams sell candy bars to raise funds for new shin guards.

But instead they are pushing a political agenda that goes against everything local school districts and community sports teams stand for.

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It takes a lot of work but Chris Mathews gets Ken Blackwell to admit that Republicans are not morally superior to Democrats.

No shit, Ken.

If anything, the opposite is true.

Republicans like to talk about defending marriage and being the party of “traditional values” but at the end of the day they cheat on their spouses almost three times as much as Democrats.

( ht C&L )

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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-24

On June 24, 2009 By

Do Republicans view Christ as a get-out-of-affair-jail-free card? #

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According to this list from FirstRead, Republicans are leading Dems nearly 2.5 to 1 in sex scandals. Here’s the list:

1998 : Democrat Bill Clinton
1998 : Republican Bob Livingston
2001 : Republican Gary Condit
2002 : Republican Rudy Giuliani
2004 : Democrat Jim McGreevey
2005 : Republican James West
2006 : Republican Don Sherwood
2006 : Republican Mark Foley
2007 : Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa
2007 : Democrat Gavin Newsom
2007 : Republican David Vitter
2007 : Republican Larry Craig
2008 : Democrat Eliot Spitzer
2008 […]

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Defenders of Marriage

On June 24, 2009 By

Found this rather appropriate given today’s news about the latest in the long line of wife-cheating Republicans:

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The world’s largest and most successfull corporations (Microsoft, Disney, IBM, Coke, United Airlines, Ford, etc.) have for years recognized same-sex couples and provided them health care and other benefits.

President Obama just signed a presidential memorandum extending some of these benefits to the same-sex partners of federal workers – and congress seems to be close to extending to them all of the same benefits currently enjoyed by heterosexual couples.

It’s about damn time.

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Has Lee Fisher Gone Gay?

On June 11, 2009 By

I’m to the point where it’s impossible not to comment on this. When you see a politician do the kabuki dance of triangulation with positions, it’s hard to ignore. Less Fisher is the latest and we’ve seen this dance before.

You’ll remember the ’06 primary between our great buddy “Krazy” Ken Blackwell and Jim “I wanna be a decent guy but I’m a GOPer!” Petro. Their issue wasn’t the lightening rod of gay rights, but the one of abortion. Petro had a long history of support for abortion rights. Big problem. He was in a primary with the wingnuttiest […]

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Bold prediction: Shepard Smith will not be long for Fox News. Mark it down. He’s gone WAY off message:

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