Two weeks ago President Obama gave a moving and memorable commencement speech at Notre Dame in which he reached out to the pro-life movement. He sought to find common ground and asked for people on opposite sides of the issue to approach each other with “Open hearts, Open minds and Fair-minded words.”

At the moment I wondered: Could it be that the pro-life movement has gone mainstream? Have they ceased being a bunch of religious nut jobs carrying around pictures of dead babies and blowing up clinics?

Two weeks later – almost to the hour – an abortion doctor in Wichita Kansas was shot to death as he walked into church.

So much for bringing the pro-life movement into the mainstream.

I understand that religious fanatics must be feeling a bit under-represented right about now with Democrats controlling Congress and The White House and with President Obama about to appoint his first Supreme Court Justice.

But you can’t go around killing people and say your trying to protect ‘life’. It seriously hurts the credibility of your pro-LIFE message.

Welcome back to the fringes, pro-lifers.