Media Matters does a good job of distilling down the wingnut playbook versus Obama’s SC pick Sotomayor. As was perfectly predictable, they’re losing their shit:

Also completely predictable is that they are taking the exact wrong course of action here. It’s no wonder elected GOP officials are breaking out the 10 foot poles. They want no part of this. Hell, even Michael Steele knows better. Of course, he’ll soon be apologizing to Limbaugh I’d assume. It’s a pattern.

This is all great news, really. The complete meltdown of the GOP is continuing at a pace even I thought was not attainable. They just seem hellbent and determined to angrily stomp their feet while continuing to lose. Which, of course, is fine with me. I say the more Limbaugh the better. Bring it.

Of course, the main talking point concerning the danger in this latest tactic against Sotomayor is the complete and total disenfranchisement of the Latino vote. I say continue to attack her as a racist, wingnuts. Please?

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