Yesterday Eric asked the question: WTF is wrong with Georgia. An experience I had last week in Atlanta might offer some answers.

So I get on the train that takes you between the terminals at the Atlanta airport. Next to me are 3 kids (18 years old? 19 at most) in their Army uniforms.

Normally people come up to these kids and thank them for their service, etc. The new Army recruits politely smile and shake hands and keep moving along to their destination with their big backpacks in tow.

But today they were accosted by a crazy wingnut…

Just as the doors were closing a guy (enter crazy wingnut) ran on to the train, tossed down his bag and started up a conversation with the Army kids: “Did you know that THEY won’t let you buy guns when you get out of the Army?”

The kids looked at each other for a second and the one girl in the group politely responded: “no… no I didn’t hear that”.

“IT’S TRUE!”, crazy man replied. “They won’t let you buy guns. Anyone who ever served in the Army is going to be forbidden from buying a gun.”

I almost interrupted the guy to tell him how fucking crazy he was – but then one of boys responded “I find that hard to believe.” And then he turned to the girl and said “So – you still hungry?”

Ah.. a voice of reason.

But the crazy guy would not be deterred.

“It’s true. I heard it on THE RADIO. Have you every heard of (some random right wing talk radio host)? He has a show here in town. He said they won’t let anyone who ever served in the army buy a gun. Or anyone who supported Ron Paul. Anyone who is a real patriot.”

At the next stop the Army kids picked up their backpacks and got off the train. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t their stop.

As they were leaving the train the crazy guy yelled one last thing to them: “be sure to Google ‘New World Order‘ and find out the truth!”

None of them turned around.