So I checked out Wikipedia this morning right after hearing about the Sotomayor nomination and was greated with this weird wingnut Wikipedia vandalism about Judge Sotomayor’s “exhibitionistic” sexual behavior:

She has since expressed an unbounded attitude toward traditional constraints of marriage. In an interview with the Sacramento Bee she spoke of her relationship with her husband: “We love each other very much and make no qualms about showing it, within the realm of public decency of course. That is to say, in public we are normal, but at home we are as affectionate and exhibitionistic as we want, with whomever we want.” Others, including a former Princeton classmate Tarin McDaniels, have suggested they have had sexual relationships with Sotomayor and her husband.

Where do they get this stuff? And even if it was true, who cares?

If this is the best dirt they can dish up, I think President Obama’s first Supreme Count nominee is going to breeze through the confirmation process.