I just got an email from Rob Portman?s senate campaign.

In it they try to put a positive spin on the fact that Rob is getting killed in the polls by both Democratic contenders.
But forget all that silly statewide polling.

What really counts, according to Portman?s spin masters, is how well Rob does in his former congressional district in Southwest Ohio.

According to the Portman campaign, Rob?s ?strong? showing (50%) in Southwest Ohio proves that Rob has a lot of support from ?the people who know him best? and as soon as he gets better state-wide name recognition, the rest of Ohio will support him too.

What they fail to mention is that southwest Ohio isn?t just the area Rob used to represent in Congress. It?s also stubbornly Republican.

And if all a Republican candidate can muster up is a lousy 50% in an area that overwhelmingly votes for Republicans, then it seems pretty damn unlikely he is going to grow his statewide support no matter how many people know his name.