I found myself getting very frustrated recently about all of the anti-gay propaganda coming from homophobic, anti-civil rights groups like the National Organization for Marriage.

But then I realized that it’s actually a good sign these guys are pissed off.

If they aren’t angry then we really aren’t doing our job.

And the recent influx of angry, anti-gay propaganda seems to indicate we’re winning…

DC just voted to recognize same-sex marriages performed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Iowa – the only four states that currently allow same-sex couples to get married.

And it looks like Maine will soon be number five on that list.

Yes, I have days when I really wish everyone could just get along.

But right now I’m just having fun watching creepy social conservatives squirm uncomfortably as they realize the world is not the place their simpleton parents described to them during home school bible class.

UPDATE: Maine’s Governor just signed the bill making Maine the 5th state to allow same-sex marriage.