I was annoyed but I tried to be understanding when Carrie Prejean (aka Miss California) told judges that marriage should be limited to “opposite” couples at this year’s Miss USA Pageant…

“Opposite marriage”? I figured she was just disoriented by the stage lights or something. No one could possibly be that dumb.

But then I read today that she is appearing in an ad for the homophobic, anti-civil rights, Christofascist group The National Organization for Marriage.

I guess she hasn’t been paying attention to all of the comedy NOM’s ads have been spawning.

It’s one thing to fail to win the Miss USA pageant.

It’s a whole different level of FAIL to appear in a NOM ad.

I am SO looking forward to the LaughOrDie spoof of Miss Homophobic California. She’s starting to make Miss Teen SC look like a fucking brain surgeon.