I was annoyed but I tried to be understanding when Carrie Prejean (aka Miss California) told judges that marriage should be limited to “opposite” couples at this year’s Miss USA Pageant…

“Opposite marriage”? I figured she was just disoriented by the stage lights or something. No one could possibly be that dumb.

But then I read today that she is appearing in an ad for the homophobic, anti-civil rights, Christofascist group The National Organization for Marriage.

I guess she hasn’t been paying attention to all of the comedy NOM’s ads have been spawning.

It’s one thing to fail to win the Miss USA pageant.

It’s a whole different level of FAIL to appear in a NOM ad.

I am SO looking forward to the LaughOrDie spoof of Miss Homophobic California. She’s starting to make Miss Teen SC look like a fucking brain surgeon.

  • Joseph, this is an EPIC FAIL, because as reported on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight, Miss Morals California got breast implants to, uh, enhance her chances of winning. When asked about her boob job, all she could muster is a “no comment.”

  • Yep. Fake boobs and topless photos. This gal is a real model of traditional values.

  • The swimsuit competition would rule out girls with values so none of these girls are traditional. However, in spite of her faults Miss Prejean understands the correct view of marriage. Marriage was not created by Christians nor is it just for Christians as some progressives are accusing. It is for all of mankind for the common good and it was created by God. It is something that no government or court can change because who are they to tell God what to do?

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