Maybe it’s not a true, full-on blog war. But there’s certainly a battle going on between the Ohio Democratic Party blog and the blog for the Hamilton County Republican Party.

According to Todd at the ODP, it all started when “The Hamilton County Republican Party posted a photo on their blog of Arlen Specter, hairless from from the effects of chemotherapy, and compared him with a photo of the Austin Powers character Dr. Evil.”

Todd’s been hammering away at them ever since. And Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou has been responding, first by commenting on his own post. Then by replacing the photo with a “censored” image. Then by removing his comments. And now by replacing the “censored” image with the picture of a kid frowning.

I’m guessing he’ll be totally removing the post next.

I’m starting to think Alex should enlist the help of self-proclaimed ‘new media ninja‘ Ken Blackwell to help him manage his blog troubles.

Kenny certainly can’t help Alex win any elections or fix his past mistakes. As a matter of fact Ken might actually make things much, much worse. But, at the very least, J. Kenneth might be able to give Alex some pretty useful advice: how not responding to controversy like such a little sissy.

Keep up the good work Todd.