So I’m over at reading Ken Blackwell’s latest “article” about how Barack Obama wants to appoint liberal, activist, supreme court justices so he can take away your guns… And half way down the page I find a juicy little poll asking the following question:

Should the Morning After Pill be available to 17-year-olds?

Given that I’m seeing this poll on the ultra-conservative online web-rag I assume that the majority of responses are going to be ultra-conservative i.e. NO! Absolutely Not!

Still, I figured I’d throw in a little liberal bias and click YES.

And then I see the results:


83% of “America?s engaged conservatives” think that 17 year old girls should have control over their own reproductive organs???

Wow. That certainly wasn’t what I expected.

It is possible that has absolutely no clue who their target audience is? Or maybe now we’re starting to see more American “conservatives” reject the fanatical Christian agenda that has recently come to define the Republican party?

Either way, I’m very sure this is something Townhall’s advertisers would like to know about.