From the daily archives: Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hilarity. Simply pure unadulterated hilarity. Andrew Sullivan on Tom Blumer:

John Cole finds the single dumbest political opinion piece on the internet.

Our own Bizzy! LOL. We’ve known all this for years now. Not precisely how you wanna be famous, I’d guess. 😉

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Context. It’s A Bitch.

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The thing about context is it’s easy to find in this day of the Google. The other thing about context? It’s a bitch. Especially if you want to espouse some bullshit notion that our President is a communist. Enter impressionable youth in hoodie from the teabagging in DC:

What’s that at the end?

Free Market Philosophy
“One of reasons I am running for the presidency is to bring this philosophy to an end!”

Here’s the problem with the “quote” on the T-shirt. You can look it up on teh Google. The only place you find that […]

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