The White House answers the teabag lunacy in a cool, calm, collected manner:

Pressed repeatedly to respond to the Tea Party demonstrations taking place right outside the White House gates, spokesman Robert Gibbs largely stuck to the numbers. The president, he stressed, had just recently passed a “tax cut that covers the most people in the history of this country.”

“The president promised significant tax relief for working families of this country, and in the first month of the administration delivered that to the American people,” Gibbs said.

Reporters were unrelenting in the questioning, seeking more and more comment from the administration. Why?

Here’s a hint. It’s NOT ABOUT TAXES!!! Never has been. That was just a ruse. If it were really about taxes you wouldn’t get crap like this:

Later, a rain-soaked reporter — apparently coming back from covering the demonstrators sans umbrella — told Gibbs that the majority of people outside made less than 200k and still viewed the government’s tax policies as inherently unfair.

Not. About. Taxes.

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