In just under an hour President Obama is going to completely diffuse this tax day teabagging nonsense. How, you say? Easy:

WASHINGTON ? On the day of the deadline for Americans to file their tax returns, President Barack Obama will talk about restoring fairness to the tax code and providing tax relief to working families.

Then he’ll be off to Mexico and the Carribean. Business as usual. Ignoring the insanity and giving the wingnuts enough rope to hang themselves.

So at the end of the day we’ll have cool, calm, collected Obama tell us about restoring actual fairness to the tax code and how it will provide real relief to working families. Constrast that with what will no doubt be lunacy at the teabagging parties. No clear message. A mix of right wing hate, conservative small government hypocrisy, and bigoted attacks on the President.

The more the fringe gains control of the right the better. Meanwhile an adult is in the White House steady as she goes doing what needs to be done while teabaggers ironically chirp about being taxed enough already when most of them probably paid less taxes or got back more in a refund than at any time under Dubya.

It’s so damned cute!

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