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Kevin Coughlin Sex Scandal?

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I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use this picture…

And Tim just gave me one:

Sources say that during the summer of 2004, perhaps longer, he carried on a relationship with a younger woman. At the time she was a 24-year-old employee of the University of Akron, an attractive brunette who had worked on Coughlin?s campaign for State Senate. He was the 34-year-old, married, handsome rising star of the Summit County GOP ? smart and ambitious, but also prone to blowing off campaign appointments to spend time with his girlfriend.

Stay classy, Kevin.

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2M4M 4Ever!

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2M4M ya’ll. Whaddup!!!

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Hazmat suits. Unmarked envelopes. Strange substances. Oh my!





Apparently the conservative teabagging is causing quite the scare in mailrooms across the country. I guess organizers did not correctly inform teabaggers how to teabag without causing security concerns. It’s now a national security issue. Hazmat crews have been called in. Additional security will be necessary.

You know me. I do love irony. Imagine the shock and dismay among the teabagging faithful when they realize their little shenanigans is costing lots of money in hazmat response and additional security. Money that – guess […]

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I’m Eric Cantor and I’m the Republican Whip. I want you to know that we have idears too! We do! Ours are like totally different than the Socialist President and his Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac friends. Like, totally. So leave us alone! Our idears have nice soothing cartoon characters to make you think everything is OK and that we are not evil bastards out to rob you blind and reward our corporate paymasters:




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