What’s the latest word from conservative whackosphere? Barack Obama was channeling George W. Bush when he gave the two standing orders to use force to rescue Captain Phillips. Barack drilled down into his inner cowboy and did exactly what George W. Bush would have done!

It’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

LOL. Right. I’ve had plenty of conversations lately with friends and other lefty bloggers about how incredibly easy it has become to make fun of the right. So much so that I generally don’t even feel like doing it. It’s no longer sporting. Fish in barrel and all that. From the tea party insanity to the recent Somali pirate fiasco, they’ve just come completely unglued and the hilarity of it is clear prima facie. Krugman has a great piece in which he basically says Republicans have become embarrassing to watch. Like me, he doesn’t feel it’s right to make fun of crazy people. Well, I might disagree as to the fun part – but it’s certainly not sporting anymore.

Enter the anonymous CPA in Cincinnati who goes by the name of Gordon Gekko. [Aside: That’s about the perfect credentials for a wingnut right there. Anonymous. CPA. Cincinnati.] Gordo tries to recover from this incredibly embarrassing post by linking to some American Thinker claptrap about how Obama was only doing what George Bush would have done. The problem with that line of thinking?

It’s precisely false.

What George W. Bush did was call on the United Nations (collective wingnut gasp) to continue to usurp the God-given supremacy of these United States of the World to rule the high seas by doing stupid shit like cooperate with other nations instead of shooting pirates in the fucking head:

Shortly before leaving office, the Bush State Department issued statements supporting UN peacekeeping and LOST as remedies for the Somali pirate problem.

So what did the cowboy conservative Christian soldier badass do? He issued two fact sheets.

What did the socialist anti-American with terrorist ties who wasn’t even born in this country do? He gave the order (twice) to shoot 3 terrorist pirate thugs dead.

Now. You wanna bring a gun to this fight next time Gordo? Leave the knife at home, buddy.