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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-13

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LOL. Glenn Beck has been on a comedy tour for years now! #

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Americans to Dick Cheney: STFU

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Seventy-two percent of those questioned in the poll, which was released Monday, disagree with Cheney’s view that some of Obama’s actions have put the country at greater risk, with 26 percent agreeing with the former vice president.


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What’s the latest word from conservative whackosphere? Barack Obama was channeling George W. Bush when he gave the two standing orders to use force to rescue Captain Phillips. Barack drilled down into his inner cowboy and did exactly what George W. Bush would have done!

It’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

LOL. Right. I’ve had plenty of conversations lately with friends and other lefty bloggers about how incredibly easy it has become to make fun of the right. So much so that I generally don’t even feel like doing it. It’s no longer sporting. Fish in barrel and all that. […]

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