From Terror-Supporting/Terror-Sympathetic to Congrats to our Commander in Chief for helping kill terrorists. Tom Blumer, you’ve come a long way baby!

It’s clear wingnut bloggers DO NOT want to give Obama any credit. Most of their kudos are centered around the actions of the snipers and the commander on the ground. Nothing wrong with that, but clearly the President was involved and twice gave a specific green light for use of military force to rescue the captain.

So much for Obama is Carter II

So much for Obama making us more vulnerable

So much for just about all the weak and feckless attacks on President Obama’s leadership. We’ve now gone from “he may be a terrorist” to “he just helped kill 3 pirates (terrorists)”. You’ve come a long way baby! I commend all the right wing bloggers who have swallowed hard and given their Commander in Chief the kudos he deserves in this situation. No need for backhanded compliments. I would rather you just said “thank you,” and went on your way.

Update: Quick over/under on how long until we hear wingnut bloggers ask why Obama is not declaring war on Somalia and/or declare war on pirates and nations who harbor or support pirates? I put the line at 3 days and I take the under.

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  • LOL. Took what? 5 minutes?

    Obama did not PROHIBIT force, and somehow that is supposed to make Obama some kind of war time presidential hero?

    Obama did the bare minimum here.

    I am glad Obama did not screw things up, completely, but there is plenty of time for that. Just watch -? what will he do next to stop this stuff from happening again?

  • i bet one of the pirates is an obama relative, at this moment being whisked onto our shores to violate our immigration laws!

  • @2: You will notice that there is mysteriously one who made it out alive! You may be on to something, Tim. Someone call Patrick Poole right away!

  • 614 – PIR-ATES

  • We got all your hotlines covered!

    614-TER-RIST is my favorite, though.

  • Shalom Eric,

    This hostage crisis ended well with no loss of American lives. Once again the Seals proved they are the baddest motherfuckers in the valley.

    I’m troubled though how the specter of Operation Eagle Claw and the tragedy at Desert One continues to haunt our nation 30 years later.

    I was thrown back to that time this past week when I first heard that the USS Bainbridge was on the scene. I was there in 1979 on another Bainbridge and played my own minuscule role in our nation’s long nightmare.

    President Jimmy Carter did everything right and I will call anyone who differs a fool and a liar to their face. President Carter’s first priority was to bring every hostage home safely and every last man and women did so.

    He assembled the greatest naval armada since WW II in the Gulf of Oman and the leaders of Iran understood clearly that if a single hostage died the full terrible might of that floating mass violent death would fall upon Iran.

    That Iran understood this can be seen by its release on 11 July 19080 of 28-year-old Vice Consul Richard I. Queen who was gravely ill. (He was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and died on 14 August 2002.) They dared not risk his death under their care.

    We made our best possible military effort in Operation Eagle Claw and the fates were just not with us. I am weary of chicken hawks who have never humped a ruck or held a sweating finger on a trigger second guessing leaders who are hesitant to throw American lives in harm’s way just to appease someone’s idea of swagger.

    I am thankful this day that we have an adult who thinks in the White House and that those who came after me have upheld the finest traditions of the Navy.



  • +1, Jeff. Plus one.

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  • LOL. Gordo no likey this post. I hate when conservatives whine. It’s so unbecoming of them. I thought they were the tough bastards?

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