To all the wingnut blowhards going apoplectic about President Obama bowing to King Abdullah, please polish off your dusty memories:

  • well, duh, as noted by yours truly.

    The thing is, I thought we were going to get a change…

  • You noted what? Musta missed it. I’d say a simple bow/handshake during a visit is much, much different to the relationship the Bush family has had with The Saudis.

    Is your position going to be moving forward that Obama has to do every single thing differently than the previous administration? That seems a bit…well…stupid.

    You guys gotta seriously get together and compare notes on what you are going to get crazy about though. It’s becoming quite amusing.

    But seriously Dave. You’ve not noticed any change? LOL.

  • @1: Just read your posts. Make up your mind man! First post has the air of “big deal”. Second post looks like you got a call from Glenn Beck to get back on the wingnut wagon. ROFL.

  • Well, as long as we are listing things that seem stupid…

    next up on that list would be pretending that the right wing has been uncritical of Bush’s cozying up to the house of Saud.

    Remember Giuliani told the Saudi Prince to take his check and stuff it after 9/11 and was quite popular for it, as I recall.

    So yes, we get to complain when Obama shows that he’s in way over his head on the foreign leader stuff. And then Gibbs lies about it. Amateur hour.

  • Maybe I missed the posts wherein you hammer BushCo for being a patsy to oil tycoons. Truly sorry for that. I’m sure our readers would enjoy such posts if you wouldn’t care to link them here.


    We’ll have to wait I guess to see what the overall record of Obama is compared to Bush when it comes to the “foreign leader stuff”.

    Sometimes I feel bad for you Dave. You and Bizzy and the rest of them. For like 5 or 6 seconds.

  • Conner

    Presidents since before JFK cultivated relationships with the Saudi family insuring a stable supply of crude. And how is that bad economics for the U.S.?

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