So the homophobic freaks over at The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) have been running this ad:

( notice the disclaimer: “the stories these ACTORS are telling are based on real incidents” )

Fucked up, right?

Well someone also posted a video of some “Auditions” for that ad – and they are all done in front a green screen…

We’re looking for some great ideas for what to put in that green space.

  • Modern Esquire

    WTF are they talking about? Are gay marriage advocates advocating that “straight” marriages be annuled and people be forced into gay marriages? What possible rights of these people are being violated?

  • Suggestion from a reader to me via email:

    A photo of the Larry Craig Bobblefoot, with the words “tap, tap, tap” scrolling by.

  • Wait…a “rainbow coalition”? Them’s fightin’ words!

    You gotta know a bit of gay porn would be ideal. Or how about some animated graphics on divorce statistics.

    There is indeed a storm a brewin’, but it’s not some gay bashing uprising. Nine crows at nine o’clock nigh.

  • Mr. Smith

    I’d have to go with the opening montage from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” or maybe some clips from the Village People movie, Can’t Stop the Music.

    Ugh. These people are dumb and dangerous. A great combination.

  • Modern Esquire

    Wait, so she’s not a doctor? You mean the TV lied to me? Those bastards…

  • Video no longer available! ROFL. Saw that comin!

  • Me too. That’s why I saved it.

    Back up now.

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