You absolutely must watch Christopher Hitchens rip Ken Blackwell multiple new assholes on Hardball.

Classic line from Ken Blackwell: “Christopher, I’m not going to let you bogart me.”

  • JohnC

    Normally, I’m for the underdog. And let’s face it, Hitch can clean virtually anyone’s clock. But he just does it so WELL that you can’t help but love the guy.

  • J-Dog

    Looks like Blackwell just learned a new word: “precept”

    And, what’s with this “naked” public square talk from him? I believed the public square always had at least a belt buckle!

  • First and foremost, that has to be the best YouTube still screen of all time at the beginning!

    @2: I think the new word he learned (or made the hell up) is “persumption”. FF to 3:00. “There’s never been the persumption…”

    LOL. The phrase “never bring a knife to a gunfight” is certainly ? propos in this case. Blackwell was done when this one was booked. JohnC nailed that one. Hitchens would dismantle just about anyone you’d put in front of him. He’s a polemic pugilist specialist. Apologies to Lennox Lewis.

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