imagesboard_bio_ganley_bwgifIt looks like Rob Portman isn’t going to be able to escape a primary battle for the 2010 Senate race.

Tom Ganley, a Car Dealer from Cleveland, confirmed today that he’s going to run against Robby P for the Republican nomination.

Tom may be a political outsider, but the guy seems to have some cash to spend and he has great name recognition in NE Ohio.

Tom says he has a “shock and awe” strategy that he’s going to announce at a “king-size press conference in about 10 days.”

I, for one, can not wait!

I’m sure the Portman team was planning to breeze through primary season raising cash and watching the Dems fight it out.


I wonder who was more surprised, Rob by Tom? Or Lee Fisher when he heard Jennifer Brunner had announced her candidacy for the same race before him and already had her website up taking donations?

The 2010 Senate race is starting to look like it’s going to be a lot fun.