I’m seriously wondering if this story is an April Fool’s Day joke.

Cindy Stankoski is starting her new career as a “speaker” on topics like “abuse, conflict resolution, sexuality and sexual health, empowerment, human resources, women in business and society, ethics, integrity, careers and listening skills.”

Listening skills?

According to her new website, she is best at:

Addressing individuals and organizations about how women can avoid situations where they can be sexually harassed or abused and promote my assistance to women that find themselves in abusive situations.

She’s also starting a non-profit called C.M.A.S.H. – Cindy Stankoski’s Message Against Sexual Harassment – which, along with getting harrassed by Dann and Tony Gutierrez, seems to be her only qualifications. (her cosmetology degree is strangely missing from the list).

I guess she couldn’t find anyone to buy the movie rights to her story?

I understand she was the victim in this situation, but it’s really hard to take her seriously given that she’s done nothing but try to capitalize on the very public situation in which she was involved. First with the lawsuit in which she was awarded $250K, then with the magazine article and cover photo. And now by offering to give talks about her experiences for $5000 a pop.

It seems to me she could use that settlement money to do something a little more productive. Like maybe go to college. Or open a hair salon.

Fame from the Dann scandal is only going to last so long, Cindy. Might want to start planning for the future.