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Bizzy Pulls a Blog Fart

On April 30, 2009 By

Kinda like a brain fart…for blogs. I was confused while reading the latest post over at Tom Blumer’s place I couldn’t make sense of the post at all. It’s down now and I guess wasn’t meant to be seen. I only wish the contents were more juicy.


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Obama to get first SC pick. Justice David Souter is retiring. Developing…

Let the librul activist court begin!

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Maybe it’s not a true, full-on blog war. But there’s certainly a battle going on between the Ohio Democratic Party blog and the blog for the Hamilton County Republican Party.

According to Todd at the ODP, it all started when “The Hamilton County Republican Party posted a photo on their blog of Arlen Specter, hairless from from the effects of chemotherapy, and compared him with a photo of the Austin Powers character Dr. Evil.”

Todd’s been hammering away at them ever since. And Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou has been responding, first by commenting on his own […]

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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-28

On April 28, 2009 By

Wow. Specter to switch parties, give Dems 60 #

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So I’m over at reading Ken Blackwell’s latest “article” about how Barack Obama wants to appoint liberal, activist, supreme court justices so he can take away your guns… And half way down the page I find a juicy little poll asking the following question:

Should the Morning After Pill be available to 17-year-olds?

Given that I’m seeing this poll on the ultra-conservative online web-rag I assume that the majority of responses are going to be ultra-conservative i.e. NO! Absolutely Not!

Still, I figured I’d throw in a little liberal bias and click YES.

And then […]

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Any one want to guess how long it’s going to take for The Right to start blaming the impending swine flu pandemic on Mexico and to use it as another reason to blame non-white immigrants for all of America’s problems?

I’m guessing Lou Dobbs hints at it on Monday. And by Wednesday the Mexican-bashing will be in full effect.

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Overheard on the internets…

On April 26, 2009 By

On the tails of the news that the GOP is putting RNC Chairman Michael Steele under pressure to call Democrats “socialists”…

We’re going to nationalize the RNC because they’re a failed business.


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Levi Johnston goes on Larry King and proves, without a doubt, that he lives up to his MySpace declaration: “‘I’m a fuckin’ redneck”…

Embedded video from CNN Video

Long live the Palin/Johnston feud!

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I always thought George Will was one of the least offensive conservatives out there mainly because he’s not one of those crazy religious zealots who believes Jesus is coming back in his lifetime to kill the gays with his Christ-powered laser vision.

Instead he belongs to that small group of well-dressed, east coast, Ivy League-educated rich kids who are Republicans because they resent having to pay taxes on their investment income.

I’ve often thought that Will and other conservatives like him really have more in common with ‘the liberal elite’ than with the typical Republican voter. And George’s latest […]

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When the clergy are losing faith it’s time to pay attention:

One of the most prominent proponents of free-market capitalism is having second thoughts.

Judge Richard A. Posner, a federal appeals court judge who has been called the most cited legal scholar of all time, discussed his doubts and his analysis of the current financial crisis in a wide-ranging interview with the Huffington Post.

A longtime proponent of deregulation, the idea that business works best in a free market without burdensome government regulations, Posner began to change his mind when he realized the enormity of the crisis. This change […]

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