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Skipped Obama for Britney and didn’t even take his daughter?! # McCain’s Chief Strategist Comes Out In Support Of Gay Marriage [really just a matter of time…] # Budget? Hell yes we have a budget! Wait…where’s our budget! LOL # Republican “Road to Recovery” budget details leaked! # That’s right kids. Michael Steele planned the whole thing! ROFL #’s “Open for Questions” a success #

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It looks like BSB is still breaking stories. David reported two days ago that Jennifer Brunner would be supporting Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown as her replacement for Secretary of State.

I found it a little hard to believe. Thought maybe David was full of crap.

Paula Brooks, maybe. But Marilyn Brown?

But it turns out it’s true. I just got Marilyn’s press release.

And I’m kind of amazed, actually.

It’s really in Jennifer Brunner’s best interest that the Dems have the strongest possible candidate for SOS in 2010.

Jennifer needs to win the support of Ohio’s Democrats for […]

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