Lots of polling data came out in the past few days. Figured I’d give a quick summary of the results.

In the race to replace George Voinovich as Ohio’s next senator, Quinnipiac has both Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner are polling ahead of Rob Portman. Fisher beats Portman 41 – 33 and Brunner beats him 39 – 34.

Which is really good news considering that Rasmussen has Republicans leading Dems nationally 41 – 39 in a generic congressional ballot.

In the same Quinnipiac poll Fisher leads Brunner in the primary 18% to 14% with 46% undecided. The poll also included Ryan (12%) and Yates (6%). Lots of time left to see these numbers change.

Governor Strickland and Barack Obama are also losing ground in Ohio – though both still maintain very high favorable ratings (56 for Ted, 57 for Barack) considering the horrible economic crisis we’re in.

And any way you look at it, a 56 or 57% rating far, far excedes that of the de facto head of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, who, according to a new CBS News Poll, has a favorable rating of only 19%.