LOL. True hilarity. Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are going to put a bill together that will tax by as much as 90% the bonuses that TARP company executives received. Retro-active back to January.

So Republicans and rightwing bloggers will come out with a groundswell of support of a 90% tax increase!


Talk about a rock and a hard place. Let’s see where the loyalty lies and how much intellectual honesty is out there on the right. Should be fun!

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  • Actually, you as an American citizen should be concerned about this as well. This will set a very dangerous precedent. I’m not for those AIG bonuses. However, I am very much against government manipulating their authority to retroactively tax anybody – especially at 90%.

    If they manage to do it now – what is to stop them later down the road from taxing we ordinary Americans because it’s in the “best interest of the nation?”

    It is another power-grab by the government. Grab on to your wallet and hide your money.

  • Easy there BoBo. It’s political gamesmanship – on both sides. Political Aikido in slow motion. Just watch and enjoy.

    Or you could pay attention to the little red light flickering right…over…there!

    Do I fear Congress will tax me at 90%? In a word? No.

  • Eric – the fact that both sides of the aisle voted overwhelmingly to retroactively tax these execs is bothersome.

    I know it’s just gamesmanship and I also know that it will be killed by the Supreme Court.

    But – even if it’s not 90% in the future – it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they find a way to retroactively tax Joe America.

    I think what bothers me the most is that those idiots up there are “supposed” to be lawmakers. They’re supposed to know that what they just passed is unconstitutional. It just tells me they don’t really give a shit about our constitution at all.

  • @3: Well, first of all they had to. You don’t raise a huge stink and then not vote to do something about it. That’s the political Aikido portion.

    Republicans tried valiantly to hammer this issue to hurt Obama and the administration. Now they are in a position where they either have to abandon their faux-populism or defend a vote for a tax that many on the right consider egregious and unconstitutional.

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