From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It must be nice sitting up in a tower with white robes on completely removed from the reality that is life. Chalk this up to another reason why I consider myself to be a recovering Catholic:

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE ? Pope Benedict XVI said on his way to Africa Tuesday that condoms were not the answer in the continent’s fight against HIV, his first explicit statement on an issue that has divided even clergy working with AIDS patients.

Benedict had never directly addressed condom use. He has said that the Roman Catholic Church is in the forefront of […]

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I’m not sure I’d take my AIG criticisms this far:

In an interview with Cedar Rapids, Iowa, radio station WMT-AM today, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said executives of AIG should consider following what he described of the Japanese model of shamed corporate executives: apology or suicide.

[PS – You’re not tricky ABC. If I want to copy text from your site I can also view the source to do so. -1]

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