This one totally and completely shocked me when I read about it:

Bristol Palin & Fianc? Split

I just cannot believe this news. I’m speechless.

Family values! VALUES!

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  • I have to give Bristol credit on this decision, though. At least she didn’t run off and marry this loser just because he got her pregnant.

    They would have eventually broken up anyway. It’s in everyone’s best interest that she just admit she made a mistake and move on with the dead weight of Levi hanging around her neck.

    Given the strong support she can expect from her family, she should have no problem raising the kid and still going back to school.

  • J-Dog

    After the way Meghan McCain has been going after some of the sacred cows (pun intended); viz., Anne Coulter and Laura Ingraham, I’m thinking we should be grateful that SHE wasn’t her father’s running mate last fall. I gotta say, at least SHE is good at straight talk!!! Her father should have had her as his campaign chair.

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