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Levity. That’s what is needed. If you understood The Internet, you’d know this.

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-12

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Stocks gain for a third day. Thanks President Obama! # Mom patrols U.S./Mexican border during baby naps. I can think of about 4,382 better things to do… # RNC Chairman pro-choice? Not for long! # Gary Skoien, Former Cook County GOP Chair, Beaten By Wife After Being Found With Prostitutes #

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Here’s a crazy idea: let’s take politics out of the redistricting process and allow the public to participate.

That seems to be exactly what the League of Women Voters is trying to accomplish with their Ohio Redistricting Competition. According to the rules, anyone can submit a plan for redistricting…

Plans submitted under the competition will be ranked and scored based on specific issues, including traditional redistricting principles (compactness and communities of interest) and modern redistricting principles (competitiveness and representational fairness).

So here’s my first suggestion: use the shortest splitline algorithm to generate the districts. “Because the […]

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An Armageddon of Incompetence

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I’m not that up on my inside baseball lefty blog drama. Hell, I don’t even have time to fully read all the blogs I used to (and some new ones). I stumbled upon – no, hell, it ran me over via IMs, text messages, and phone calls last night – a recent episode that I think is quite instructive in many ways.

The first thing I heard was that ModernEsquire had quit BSB over the actions of another front pager and site administrator (there are two). Of course, this floored me. I regard Modern as one of the best […]

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