Following up on news of a likely GM bankruptcy and the imminent deminse of GM’s Hummer line of vehicles, the Dispatch decided to run with a story about some devoted Central Ohio Hummer owners.

Specifically a guy named Spike who traded in his Hummer for an Escalade. Then went back and bought back the Hummer (supposedly for his wife to drive) 3 days later because he decided he just couldn’t live life without two retardedly large vehicles.

The Dispatch was nice enough to include a video of Spike (and his super wicked mullet) driving his shiny beast slowly and carefully around the woods behind his house.


Careful there, Spike. Don’t want to scratch up wifey’s status symbol.

Anyway, the article was pretty lame. But the comments related to the associated Dispatch Hot Issue poll are classic! The poll question was simply: “Should the Hummer die?” – and the responses are full of right-wing nuttery at its best.

Here are some of my favorites…

I paid for my gas, and therefore will burn it as I please within the scope of the law, you pay for your gas, And I dont care what you do with it as long as it’s legal. As far as pollution goes, the Hummer is held to the same emmision standards as the Prius, the hummer is a status symbol,and Commies don’t like status symbols, are You a Commie?

If you want to drive a big vehicle that is your business and your right. Personally I drive a big 4WD truck, even though I don’t really need it. It’s kind of like flipping off the tree huggers and obamunists. I especially enjoy getting up behind a prius with an obama sticker and letting my presence be known.

When my lease is up next year on my 30 mpg import that costs me $400/mos I going for a big butt American SUV…that has 125,000 miles on it and I can pay cash for. It’s my answer to Obama tax and spend policies. Why should I support a neo-leftist dictator who kills corporate progress and attempts to write himself into history. Craigslist here I come!

It seems that there are many out there driving peices of crap cars that are simply jealous of those who own a luxury automobile. Here’s an idea, put down the Busch Lite, learn to read, turn off the Oprah show, and get a job! A life will follow. It’s time to stop waiting for handouts from the monkeys in Washington, and make something out of yourselves instead of complaining about how unfair you have it. I drive my hummer with the AC running, leave lights and the TV on when I am not home, eat animals that I kill with the gun I own, and support deadbeats like the Democratic base! I’ll drive what I want loser.