Update: 379 points and not one single wingnut blogger gives Obama any credit. Strange, huh?

President Obama’s speech on education today causes stocks to rally to around a 300 point gain as of this writing. No wingnut blogs appear to be covering this news.

…or does he just get the credit when it goes down?

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  • Congrats on the market rally yesterday, President Obama. About 8 more days like Tuesday and we could be back at Inauguration levels.

    i am a Wingnut? I’m hurt.

  • Hi Ben,

    You know. Every time I think you’re not you do something to make me think maybe you are. So I dunno. Maybe you’re a moderate, sensible Republican. I know you’re a pretty nice guy.

    …who owes me a bottle of bourbon. 😉

  • I sent you an email about that a couple days after the election and never heard back…….

    …..I thought maybe you figured losing in a crushing defeat was punishment enough.

  • Hmmm. That’s not like me to walk away from a wagered bottle of bourbon, but maybe I did. I’ll have to check old emails.

    Anyway, you know I’m just messing with you. You remain one of my favorite “right leaning” bloggers – wingnut or not!

    You are right though. We do need about another 8 days of that. Of course, you figured out my original point quickly I’m sure.

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