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Leave Limbaugh Alone!

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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-10

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No Time For Complacency, Tough Stem Cell Policy Fights Ahead Says Genetics Policy Institute # Scientists Cheer Obama Stem Cell Decision #

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Following up on news of a likely GM bankruptcy and the imminent deminse of GM’s Hummer line of vehicles, the Dispatch decided to run with a story about some devoted Central Ohio Hummer owners.

Specifically a guy named Spike who traded in his Hummer for an Escalade. Then went back and bought back the Hummer (supposedly for his wife to drive) 3 days later because he decided he just couldn’t live life without two retardedly large vehicles.

The Dispatch was nice enough to include a video of Spike (and his super wicked mullet) driving his shiny beast […]

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Update: 379 points and not one single wingnut blogger gives Obama any credit. Strange, huh?

President Obama’s speech on education today causes stocks to rally to around a 300 point gain as of this writing. No wingnut blogs appear to be covering this news.

…or does he just get the credit when it goes down?

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Great article. The big takeaway:

Though most federal grants go to academic researchers, biotech industry backers said the rule changes also could mean a windfall for private companies.

Michael West, chief executive of BioTime Inc., said he expected to see increased demand for the hundreds of stem cell lines sold by his Emeryville-based company.

More importantly to the industry, West said, private investors will be less afraid of putting their money into stem cell startups. Venture capitalists and big pharmaceutical companies in the past have been skittish about investing in stem cell companies out of fear that federal regulations […]

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