President Obama recently announced that he plans to change some crappy Bush-era policies allowing doctors and pharmacists to refuse care to female patients who need contraceptives or want to terminate their unwanted pregnancies.

Anti-choice nutjobs are, of course, pissed off. But this time they are taking a new approach. Instead of their normal accusations that The President supports killing babies, they are accusing him of giving women breast cancer. Seriously.

According to Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer (and noted wingnut):

Basic medical texts acknowledge that women can help prevent breast cancer by having more children, starting at a younger age, and breastfeeding them longer. The woman who chooses not to have a baby (i.e. abortion), therefore, has a higher breast cancer risk than the one who has a baby. Additionally, the World Health Organization classified combined (estrogen + progestin) hormonal contraceptives as Group 1 carcinogens in 2006. Why aren’t women being told**?

Instead, the government is physically abusing women through its determined pursuit of an antiquated population control policy. The Obama Administration is sacrificing scientific integrity and women’s health in order to pursue an ideological agenda.

A half-century of research shows that abortion further increases risk by leaving the mother’s breasts with more places for cancers to start.

I suggest Karen spend ten minutes talking to a group of sexually active teenage girls. I have a feeling she would … uh… you know… like… totally change her mind.

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