Jonathan Krohn, that 14 year old conservative kid who spoke at CPAC this weekend, was on CNN this morning and I swear to God he was wearing clown makeup – which seems completely appropriate given his ridiculously hilarious message…

I’d be much more impressed if he learned how to juggle chainsaws or something cool like that.

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  • Conservatives want to limit their lust for power? LOL. Ever meet Mr. Limbaugh, Jonathan? Ever tune in to his show. Modest sumbitch that Rush! These statements are also incredible in light of the Bush administration. You can’t just now claim he’s not a conservative. Way too convenient.

    I’m gonna argue the kid is bright, but very misguided. Maybe his radio broke and got stuck on rightwing radio too.

    Either lipstick or the worst case of chapped lips in history.

  • Okay. I didn’t even last 30 seconds before I wanted to punch that kid in the face. And I shouldn’t feel that way about any 14-year-old.

    Who the hell brainwashed this kid? He has a bright future if he keeps goosestepping. One can only hope that he’ll shed this nonsense should he go to one of those “elite-librul” universities. Then again, he’ll probably end up at Bob Jones or Liberty.

  • I’m guessing he has some RNC-connected parents.

    I’m thinking maybe this guy:

  • Oh… and big suprise: the kid is home schooled.

    I can’t wait until he gets to college and meets a girl for the first time.

  • Wow. Bright? Yes. Misguided? Absolutely.

  • J-Dog

    This kid will probably be the one to sneak the porn into Jesus Camp this summer!!!

  • John S

    Eric and Trevor,

    This kid is smart he preaches personal responsibility. I am trying to understand the liberal perspective but you people don?t make sense to me. Please enlighten me?

    If you two socialists want to push your socialist / communist views on America then just move to Europe and be done with it; don’t drag us down into your victim mentality. This is not what America was founded on. Who said ?give me liberty or give me dealth?? If you don?t know the answer to this then it is very likely that you don?t understand the price America has paid to protect freedom. Educate yourselves quickly before you lose all of your freedoms and read some history on communism so you understand the facts before you choose to have an opinion on things; capitalism works socialism does not. Please educate yourselves.

  • @7 Hi John S. Patrick Henry…and since we are issuing pop quizzes now how about you tell me who said (no Googling, I didn’t have to) “In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.”

    I will agree with you that education is good. I might also add that one should never bring a knife to a gunfight. You’ve been warned.

  • @7: John S.

    Personal responsibility is great. I just don’t need a 14-year-old preaching to me about it. Shit, the kid’s balls haven’t even dropped yet.

    And learn the difference between socialism and communism. They’re not interchangeable.

  • ssri

    He is a kid and it shows. Acting precocious would not turn him into an adult. In addition to that, it is clear that he is overconfident with no shred of humility, clearly a symptom of a person who gets too much too easily.

    My advice: First grow up, kid!

  • Mike

    I’m a democrat myself but when you act so rudely about somone it really disgusts me. You don’t attack him about stupid stuff. Clown paint? Come on!!! You can do better than that. Make an actual point. What did he say that was stupid? Then defend the point. “Why?” Thats the basis of a good argument. When you just insult him with somthing that some people might even get offended by because it’s their profession, you hurt yourself. Spread the message on. If you want to get a point across. Get it across. And by the way, I’m 14 too. Hmmm, seems like I know what I’m talking about, right? Thats because I was brought up with both perspectives. Conservatives at home and Liberals at school. Without a mix, you’ll never truely see the logic or lack thereof in your opponents thoughts. Lets hear some conservatives speak and instead of making fun of them. Explain why they’re wrong. You get more people on your side that way. Good luck!!

  • I appreciate the comment Mike. And, for the record, I spend plenty of time defending the world against the ridiculous conservative talking points this kid is repeating.

    Sometimes you just need to take a step back and laugh.

  • Mike in CA

    So, let me get this straight. The GOP has attacked the left on:

    a) the President winning a Nobel Peace Prize
    b) his “place of birth”
    c) “death panels”

    And, their generals in the field have been:

    A) Sarah Palin
    b) Rush Limbaugh
    c) a 14 year old kid.

    So when do we start to consider the Republican Party a joke? Can I go ahead and start now?

  • Matt

    They are interchangeable. They want the exact same thing, just communism is far more extreme.
    And I find it funny that Liberals like to point out things about a persons appearance instead of the flaws in their ideals.

  • Matt

    They are interchangeable. They want the exact same thing, just communism is far more extreme.
    And I find it funny that Liberals like to point out things about a persons appearance instead of the flaws in their ideals.

  • Can't rebut the arguments so you go with mocking him and the old “juggling chainsaws” joke. Intelligent. Really…

  • This from the guy who at the top of his blog exists an entire post consisting of “Oh, Just Shut Up, Loser!

    Really…I don't HAVE to make arguments when they are handed to me on silver platter.

  • manicconservativehispanic

    Wow! First Palin and now even a 14 yr old conservative scares the liberal CLOWNS as yourself Joseph, BASH, BASH, BASH.

  • kevin

    what about his definition of conservatism: 1) constitution 2) right to life 3) less government and 4) personal resposibility do you find so ridiculous?

    i can find ample evidence quite easily on how the liberal doctrine has failed in history repeatidly: 1) villify the rich and redistribution of wealth, 2) extensive govt control 3) over- taxation 4) appeasement

  • Leftest Suck

    Is that clown makeup you are wearing? Your message of hate is unwelcome. Give this boy props for what he has done with his life. It is so much more than you will ever do.

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  • drew

    this kid is in my ap world class hahahahah

  • James

    if they’re handed to you on a silver platter, why don’t you show them to us? Because right now, I really don’t think they exist. Furthermore, I don’t see anything wrong with his mak… oh, God. Nevermind. It just cut to the makeup. Okay, so I’ll give you that. But what is your argument, that has been oh-s0-daintilly prepared for you?

  • James

    cool story, bro.

    but in all seriousness, this kid is AWESOME. I’m a senior, and I’d love to have this kid in one of my classes. Then I’d at least have somebody to talk to about politics. I’m an artist, so I spend my day surrounded by a bunch of liberal women… I’m a conservative male, so we don’t have much common ground.

  • James

    not for nothing, but the president won that prize for no reason… he was elected… and he got a prize for it. LITERALLY.

  • James

    Misguided in what way?

  • I think multiple bloggers on this site used to feel the same way. Hopefully you’ll grow out of it like we did.

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