Judging by a number of recently introduced bills, some Republicans just haven’t figured out that a) the country is in the middle of a huge economic crisis and b) the Democrats are in power.

Rep. Peter King [R-NY] for example still thinks someone gives a shit about making English the national language (read: hating on immigrants).

He just introduced H.R. 1229: National Language Act of 2009 intending to make “English as the official language of the Government of the United States”.

Any idea what “No tengo dinero” means, Mr. King?

Rep. Todd Tiahrt [R-KS] proposed a whereas-filled and fact-lacking resolution requesting “that the Congress should stop passing massive Government bailouts.” His resolution offers only one alternative solution: providing “incentives for private-sector solutions” i.e. tax cuts.

If I’m not mistaken, the latest “massive Government bailout” was nearly half tax cuts. Sounds like the Congressman from Kansas didn’t read the bill before he voted against it.

Oh… and David “I cheat on my wife with expensive prostitutes” Vitter just proposed a bill that would override multiple international treaties (going back as far as 1916) to allow farmers to kill migratory birds on their property.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the reasoning behind that retarded piece of legislation. Email sent. Waiting for reply from Vitter.