• Anthony

    You guys beat me to posting it. This IS hilarious. I only pray we can keep this going another week. Can we start calling Ann Coulter the First Lady of the RNC?

  • love it

  • Tim Johnson

    I have two cliches when Rush comes to mind.

    What goes up, must come down.


    A flame always burns it brightest near the end.

  • J-Dog

    @1 — As fun as it would be, I simply cannot bring myself to call her a “lady!”

  • Chris

    I read your apology form to Rush Limbaugh, but I do not want to apologize in the name of Steele or Cantor or the others. No, I am brave, I will apologize in my own name. Dear Rush, I apologize for my independent thinking. I know that to think is unpatriotic, that the right way is to simply go along with what you say. Many gave up their lives for the country, the least we could do is give up our desire to think for ourselves. The flock of sheep led by pastor Rush. So I apologize, but I am incorrigible, and I will continue thinking on my own, without your help…

  • J-Dog

    I hear “Bar” Bush had a miraculous surgery yesterday. They actually determined that she had a heart!

  • @6 I heard it was just scar tissue.

  • Bob Wendling

    Dear Rush,
    I so want to apologize to you for all the times I ridiculed you for missing out on service in Viet Nam because of your anal cyst. I’m now sure that you must have been truly demoralized by your inability to participate in serving our country. I’m also sure that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were equally demoralized by their inability to serve our country during the Viet Nam war. I am also sorry that oxycontin is not an over the counter drug as you would have been spared the humiliation of send your housekeeper to pick up your drugs from drug dealers.

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