Important and good post by Anthony at Ohio Daily (it’s becoming a trend). The importance of building a solid Ohio Blogosphere on the left can’t be overstated. Many have lamented about this or that related to this very issue. Lamenting is fine and good. Doing something about it is altogether different.

One way we can is to encourage others to blog – whether at their own place or our blogs. We need to support those who enter the fray and continue to support one another by linking and talking about the work we are all doing.

Really good stuff. Anthony gives a good short rundown of the state of the leftysphere and offers his help in highlighting newcomers to grow it. First is Flash of Green by Bill Adams who just got added to our blogroll.

I’ve had an idea or two regarding this for some time now and am bouncing it around again in the hopes that something will finally happen with it. Stay tuned.

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