Tim Russo of BloggerInterrupted does it again. His now world famous Sarah Palin Mob is a blog/YouTube classic and was a 2008 Presidential campaign narrative changer.

This time Tim, whose mastery of giving the opposition enough video rope to hang themselves is unequaled, catches Cleveland’s “Tea Party” protesters in all their glory. They don’t call Barack Obama a terrorist, they call President Barack Obama Un-American. Literally. As in he was not born in this country and is not really the President.


You not.

One quick observation here. Aren’t conservatives and Republicans the ones who make fun of protests? I guess times have changed. Funny to hear them yelling the old Howard Beale standby. I wonder if they get the irony in that when they watch Fox News.

Not one person would say their President was even a U.S. citizen. Wow.

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  • Lars

    Hi there! As the second interviewee featured in this clip – the kid with the fedora – I would like to point out that Tim’s editing work has completely removed my comments from their context, and I suspect he might have done similarly to other protesters he interviewed. Most importantly, he deleted the segment of our impromptu interview where I freely admit to not knowing much about President Obama’s personal life. As a student with limited time I don’t feel it’s fair to expect me to know these kinds of things, and in any event a discussion of President Obama’s personal life is irrelevant to debating his policy and legislature. Tim should have focused on attacking the arguments we put forth rather than engaging in ad hominem attacks.

  • Hi Lars,

    Was President Obama born in America?

    Very simple question. I’ll even allow you to hit Goggle. You have heard of the Google, right?

  • Lars

    Hey Eric,
    While I’m fairly certain I detect some smugly patronizing overtones, I freely concede that yes, President Obama was born in America – Hawaii, to be exact – is very much a US citizen, and won the presidency fairly in a display of the power of democracy to self-correct.
    With that being said, my criticism of Tim’s method remains. Perhaps you’ll note that he didn’t bother to ask me what I actually think of President Obama? If he had, I might have said something to the effect of “His efforts in ending discrimination towards the GLBT community, religious minorities, and racial minorities are admirable. I fully support his plans regarding ‘going green,’ and I think his foreign policy approach will do wonders for America’s image abroad. Nonetheless, I think that his stimulus act stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the importance of the free market.” Tim would seem to have mistaken my lack of knowledge concerning President Obama’s personal life as indicating that I am some kind of young-earth Creationist, gun-ownin’, good ol’ boy Republican. On the contrary, I’m staunchly atheist, I have never owned any armament beyond a Nerf blaster, and I’ve lived in a city my entire life; politically I would consider myself a classical liberal.
    The point of this protest was to stimulate discussion on what I’m sure you will agree is a staggeringly important issue, and all I demand is some degree of respect. After all, President Obama’s promise was bipartisanship, and I’m certain you’ll agree that your self-aggrandizing pompousness does little to further this cause.

  • lars, i don’t care what you think of president obama. you know why? because anyone who can’t bring themselves to say in a crowd, to a camera, that they believe president Obama was born in the US, doesn’t get the benefit of a single doubt. for two reasons.

    first, you start from a point that is literally insane, and if you actually hold this insane view, then why should anyone listen?

    second, if you are at this starting point without actually believing the lunacy, you’re just a cynical user of people who don’t know any better. which means your entire premise can be dismissed.

    so why should anyone give anything you say about the president any credence, when you can’t bring yourself to publicly accept his legitimacy as a citizen of the US?

    that is why these “tea parties” are nothing more than a bunch of sour grapes borderline psychotics who can’t function in a democracy being led around by cynical manipulators who have no support left but these people.

    i respect your willingness to jump in and defend yourself here, but for you to refuse to say this on camera at a rally, and then come into a blog and say it as if that will make what you say relevant, suggests that you’re just like the organizer guy – you’re happy to associate with such lunacy as long as it gets you somewhwere. but when you’re called on it, you flee.

    i do recall you telling me that you are 18 and haven’t even voted yet – dude, do me a favor and learn a bit before you actually do vote.

  • @4 Yes, Lars. I was patronizing you. Chalk it up to my being pissed that you gave the answers you did in the video. If you check out some of my posts from the 2008 election you will note that I don’t play with those who try to smear my candidate. I also won’t tolerate those who will now smear OUR President.

    Thanks for openly correcting yourself. “Ahhh…Kenya wasn’t it?” was obviously ill-informed if not ill-intended. I do appreciate your willingness to come here and give us more information about yourself. It’s duly noted and I respect both your right to those views as well as your sharing them here.

    I don’t think it’s pompous to ask someone to answer a simple question correctly – and you did. Again, appreciate the correction. Next time someone asks you a question and is filming you say you don’t know. I’ll also echo Tim’s suggestion on becoming more informed before you vote. I would have hated to lose your vote because you were ill-informed about what you think you may have read in an article about one of the candidates.

    Last but not least, I’m all for bipartisanship and working together, especially in these tumultuous times we live. But I surely won’t give any credence to the types who rally around a public square claiming the sitting President isn’t even a United States citizen. You’d do well to keep your distance as well.

  • and by the way, if we want to talk about editing and context, there’s a guy in the video who, trust me, doesn’t want his unedited context online. maybe i’ll put it online now…..just be careful what you folks ask for.

  • Lars

    @5 Tim, I think you’re coming at this from a preconceived angle, that I was in some way informed about President Obama’s place of birth and nonetheless have convinced myself that he was not born in the US. I can say in complete honesty that I wasn’t even aware it was an issue on the table prior to this; also, to the very best of my memory, I did say something to the effect of “I’m not really very well informed about President Obama’s private life” following the bit where I cited the New York Times (incorrectly) as my source. And, I don’t really recognize nationalism as a legitimate philosophy: I consider everyone a “world citizen” and I believe that President Obama’s status as a citizen is irrelevant. As I’ve said before, I’d be insane to deny he was elected and is in power legitimately, and I attended the protest acting on the assumption that it would be about President Obama’s stimulus act, not his legitimacy as president. That’s where I’m afraid your video isn’t completely honest: Although other attendees very possibly DO dispute President Obama’s citizenship, the protest was arranged exclusively in response to his stimulus act. It seems to me that your tactic of exposing your interviewees’ ignorance on non-related matters rather than addressing their arguments does in fact constitute a logically-invalid ad hominem attack. While pointing out people’s shortcomings is definitely amusing, it can’t be confused with actual political criticism.

  • When Pwninator Maximus gets pwned, the irony gods erupt in laughter.

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