From the daily archives: Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Coen Brothers, directors of one of my favorite movies “The Big Lebowski” direct the following spot for a coalition group of environmental groups called The Reality Campaign. It’s pretty funny and surely embodies the Coen brother wit:

Clean coal. Such a thing?

Update: Check out the behind the scene footage

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According to the Pomeroy Daily Sentinel:

“Kasich recently announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination to run for governor in 2010”

Hey, if you can’t trust a news source like the Pomeroy Daily Sentinel, who CAN you trust?

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The Dispatch posted a web-only letter today by John Kasich titled Governor’s budget plan will worsen Ohio’s plight.

The letter retardedly attacks Ted Strickland for creating a balanced budget without raising taxes without offering anything substantive in the way of alternatives.

Kasich offers no real solutions, only a few sentences mirroring the standard, out-of-date Republican talking points on the need to “streamline government” and lower taxes on businesses.

That crap may work on Fox news, John, but if you have any intention of not getting blown out of the water next November you’re going to have to do […]

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What? You didn’t think this was OVER did you? haha

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What is it about Michael Steele that makes him such a good choice to head up the RNC?

According to John Kasich it’s because Steele is “very articulate and likeable.”

To be fair to John, he was probably comparing Steele to the other black candidate for RNC chairman, Ken Blackwell, who happens to be fairly inarticulate and extremely unlikeable.

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