…that is the question!

So my good friend Tim Russo obviously doesn’t “get” or “buy in” to the Twitter craze. You will have noticed his never-ending crusade to justify his disdain for the narcissistic new social media micro-blogging by (ironically) posting about it on his blog and updating his Facebook status a half dozen times to include information about his Twitter free life. Not to go quietly, Tim even posted some nonsense analogy about Twitter being Republican behavior – again cheering his now broken Twitter shackles.

I’m probably not the biggest Twitter fanboy, but I do use it and see some value in it. Today I actually found a great answer to Tim’s despair. If only he was still on Twitter to see my ReTweet he might actually get to read it. Guess I’ll have to post it here on my blog and maybe update my narcissistic Facebook status so he can see it.

Twitter is as Bad (Or as Good) as YOU Make It

Now, I have no problem with people who don?t understand Twitter. It?s a phenomenon, for sure, and one that is going to take time to develop in to a household name in any area outside of Uber-Geek-Street. But it?s when people claim to understand Twitter, but still say they hate it, that I step up to the plate and feel the need to bear arms and defend.

It’s like saying I’m going to stop blogging because there are so many stupid blogs out there about what people’s cats are currently doing.

No. Don’t read the damned things!

If your entire Twitter experience is that of people’s cats and self promotion, then you are not following the right people. Try harder.

From my experience Twitter is a good way to connect with people. It’s certainly not one-way as Tim suggests. He’s not figured out how to @ people or DM them. I have also gleaned really useful information quickly, sometimes even getting ideas of things to blog.

So I’ll continue to use Twitter and refine HOW I use it and WHO I follow and allow to follow me. Follow @evessels to follow me. Follow @plunderbund to get the latests posts from here (if the plugin decides to work that is).