Word on the street: State Representative Tyrone Yates is going to jump into the already crowded race for Voinovich’s Senate seat.

The fact that his website says “coming soon” leads me to believe the rumor is true.

That means we have two African American candidates (Yates and Lawson Jones) and two candidates from Northeast Ohio (Fisher and Lawson Jones) but only one female candidate from Central Ohio.

Sounds like pretty great news for Jennifer Brunner.

  • Yep. Fernsie confirmed this on “the call”.


  • They’ll have this whittled down to Fisher before long. Ask Paul Hackett. Everything else is just Kabuki Theatre.

  • Matt N.

    Tyrone Yates was one of the four or five black representatives who were essentially bribed with pork to vote for Bob Taft’s sales tax increase.

  • …bribed with pork. interesting rhetorical trick, matt.

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